Patrick Liedtke


Mr. Liedtke has completed many high profile projects and is capable of tackling all segments of integrated solutions, cabling design, security and project management with the highest expertise.  The design, installation and programming of the system are all understood completely, which brings a system to its full potential. Mr. Liedtke holds many industry leading certifications such as Crestron Master Programer to BSS Audio Certifications and continues to educate himself and our staff. As stated in our mission statement; our main objective is to provide our clients with an easy to use, reliable integrated solution that fulfills their needs in a manner that exceeds their expectations.  This core objective is taken directly from Mr. Liedtke’s high standards.

Josh Wozniak


Mr. Wozniak began his career in the electrical construction industry over 15 years ago coming up through the ranks with one of the industry’s’ top contractors.   Through on the job real world experience he excelled in drafting, engineering, scheduling, estimating, project management as well as corporate management.   Mr. Wozniak is a licensed master electrican who enjoys working on challenging, fast paced, and one of a kind projects that others would not attempt.  His attention to detail and electrical engineering educational background allow him to address design issues early on in a project long before they become issues.   During his work on a $35M electrical contract as Project Executive for the CityCenter project in Las Vegas he also noticed a need for experts in low voltage field and now holds many certifications from the industry’s top fiber optic and copper cabling manufactures.  Mr. Wozniak’s primary objective is to create a company that constantly exceeds expectations in a timely matter and leaving our clients desiring to utilize our complete package of turnkey solutions on every project they perform.

Russ Craig

Chief Estimator

Mr. Craig brings to VSG, over 40 years of electrical construction experience earned across the diverse fields of the industrial, governmental, commercial and hospitality industries. Since 1992, Russ has been involved in the construction of many projects along the Las Vegas Strip and all around the valley. Classically trained in estimating, construction management, scheduling, and field engineering; Russ brings an analytical and detail-oriented approach to cost analysis in our budgeting, design-build and hard-bid projects. Also, skilled in specification writing and contract language development, Russ brings to the VSG team another facet of start-to-finish coverage for project development.

Emerson Trindade

Senior Cost Estimator

Mr. Trindade has been in the electrical construction industry for over 46 years and has experienced the incredible advancements throughout the decades. Knowledge from his Electrical Engineering studies and on the job experience in electrical design-build, estimating, project management, procurement and corporate management is invaluable. His project management experience in successfully completing several thousand to hundred million dollar electrical projects is impressive. Key responsibilities have included developing budget quotations for design-build projects, forecasting quarterly profits, negotiating contracts and material purchases, conducting customer and engineering meetings.  Mr. Trindade developed an extensive project cost database over the years which is the core to our preconstruction services.  He has demonstrated the ability to work with all levels of management and multiple disciplines including purchasing, engineering and field personnel throughout the entire construction process.

Josh Covert

Electrical Project Manager

Josh serves as a Qualified Employee for Volta Systems Group and is a Master Electrician who has been living and working in the Las Vegas area all his life. He seeks to provide his insight and experience into every project he is involved with. Josh’s work and ethics are influenced by his reverence for the industry and the necessity to evolve with it into the future. He specializes in large scale power distribution, lighting, and low voltage control systems. Points of interest include his background in operations, construction management, and logistics. Josh has work experience in electrical construction at numerous commercial and industrial facilities for the past 16 years and is always looking for innovative ways to improve how we do business.

Mike Velazquez

Technology Project Manager

Mike manages day to day operations for the low voltage and technology side of Volta Systems Group’s business.  His interest in computers, electronics, audio / visual systems and networking along with self-motivation for education led to commendable career advancement.  Mike originally began work in the industry as a field installation technician and advanced his knowledge through numerous training and certification programs such as Crestron and Axis Communications to achieve his highly regarded status in the industry today.  He is excited for the future of the ever changing technology market and tackling any project that comes his way.  It is not uncommon to find Mike in the office after work hours experimenting with new products or polishing his programming skill set.

Robert Barnabi

IT Systems Manager

Robert manages IT Services for Volta Systems Group.  Robert has had the pleasure of working with NASA, three large Las Vegas strip hotel / casino properties and various small businesses in different industries.  This experience has taught Robert people that have technical issues don’t always understand technical jargon.  From BSOD to sandboxing, Robert can translate technical issues to understandable English, formulate a plan, and implement the solution.  Mr. Barnabi prides himself in his abilities to provide cost-effective measures to update the IT infrastructure as to ensure a more secure network with reduced downtime in the future.